Riding The Blue Monster Dildo!!!

June 29th, 2008

Riding The Blue Monster Dildo!!!Kream and her lesbian friend Vicky are very kinky and love to experiment with new and exciting toys. They have a new toy and can’t wait to use it on one another. They start kissing one another at first on the mouth and later they go on to discover the rest of one another’s sexy bodies. Kream licks Vicky’s pussy as her fingers are inside hitting her g-spot and she moves her hand in and out. Kream later straps this blue dildo to Vicky’s leg and begins to ride on top of it backwards at first and then decide to turn around so her lover can play with her tits. Kream is moaning and groaning as she slides up and down on this thick blue dildo as she cums her pussy splases pussy juices all over Vicky’s leg.


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June 26th, 2008

Sultry Lesbian Sex!!!Kream and her lesbian friend Vicky love to experiment with each other and their pussies. Kream starts out by kissing and tonguing Vicky’s mouth and tits and slowly gets her undressed. Kream begins licking and fingering Vicky’s shaved pussy until it’s dripping wet and then inserts a dildo into her and rams it in and out as fast as she can until Vicky squirts her cum all over Kream and the dildo. Kream is so horny now and wants her lover to make her cum, so Vicky makes Kream spread her legs wide open and starts to eat her delicious pussy out. Then she reaches for a long glass dildo and shoves it inside of Kream’s twat, as she thrusts it in and out of her she rubs Kream’s clit and her pussy juices explode and gush everywhere.


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June 23rd, 2008

Pink Dildo In Kream’s Pink Pussy!!Kream is an extreme porn star that gets off when she pushes her pussy to the extreme limits without ripping it apart. So she starts out by stripping out of her sexy bra and panties and gets on top of the bed and begins to play with her big tits and rubs her pussy to get her juices flowing. She then grabs the brutal pink dildo that is attached to the sex machine and starts sucking it and deep throating it. She gets it dripping wet with her saliva and then slips it into her pussy at first slowly and she is in a doggy style position and rubbing her clit at the same time. Then she turns around on her back and lets the machine penetrate her at full speed as she squirts juices all over the dildo and all over the bed.


Open Up And Say AAAHHH!!!

June 20th, 2008

Open Up And Say AAAHHH!!!Kream goes to visit her dentist and is not looking forward to it but when she arrives there is this hot chinese dental hygienist and she has the hots for Kream and can’t wait to get her alone in the dentist’s chair. Kream lies back as the hygienist is looking in her mouth thinking about kissing her and Kream is feeling the same way and their lips meet. The dental hygienist then pulls out this glass toy and slips it into Kream’s mouth as she deep throats it as she’s taking off her panties. Kream then gets her pussy rammed with this glass toy fast and hard until her orgasmic juices squirt all over her and the hygienist and then she puts the dildo back in her mouth to get a taste of her cum.


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June 17th, 2008

Ass Fucking With Glass Toys!!!Kream and her lesbian friend love to get their asses sucked and fucked. They start their lesbian ass fucking session by kissing one another and rubbing each other’s big tits. Then Kream bends over a couch and lets her friend eat out her pussy and her sweet asshole, then her friend reaches for this glass toy and stuffs it inside Kream’s ass. She thrusts it in and out faster and harder as Kream moans and groans and plays with her pussy. Kream then makes her friend sit down next to her and they both start ramming dildos into their own asses as they both play with their pussies. They are so excited and can’t control themselves anymore and their pussy juices gush out from their twats at the same time.


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June 14th, 2008

Lesbian Strap On Fucking!!!Kream and her lesbian lover Hollie are feeling very horny and want to try something new and different with their sex adventures. Kream shows her a new strap on she bought with a long dildo attached to the end of it. Hollie lies back as Kream kisses her all over her sexy body and goes down on her pussy and begins eating her out wildly until she cums and is dripping wet. Kream then puts on the strap on and slips it in Hollie’s wet pussy from behind in a doggy style position. She starts going harder and faster as she pulls Hollie’s long black hair and Hollie screams from the pain and pleasure she feels and cums all over the strap on, she then gets on her knees and starts to suck her pussy juices off of it.


12 Inch Glass Toy Deep In Pussy!!!

June 11th, 2008

p47.jpgKream is an extreme porn star and loves to take it to the limits. She begins her crazy masturbating session lying on a bed with her bra and panties and removes her bra to reveal her perky big tits and moves her panties to the side to show her sweet shaved pussy. She then starts to rub her clit and finger her pussy as she wraps her lips around this 12 inch glass cock and lets it twirl around her tongue. She then slides the head into her twat and twirls the head around the opening of her fuck hole and then thrust it deep inside of her and lets it penetrate her. She then moves it in and out of her harder and faster until she squirts her pussy juices all over the bed and you can see it dripping right out of her cunt.


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June 8th, 2008

Sweet Pussy Sucking!!!Kream and her lesbian friend Pamela are at home with some candies they had bought and thought how good their pussies would taste with some of these sweets inside of them. So Kream and Pamela get undressed and start rubbing the sweet lollipops on each other’s twats as they lick them at the same time. It tastes so good and they want some more, so Kream reaches for her dildo and makes Pamela slide it inside of her thrusting it in and out until she squirts her sweet pussy juices everywhere. She’s so happy Pamela made her cum and wants her to get off also so she goes down on her cunt and begins licking her clit as she fingers her tight pussy and makes her cum over and over again.


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June 5th, 2008

Kream Gets Hardcore Fisting!!!Kream and her friend are on a bed and are feeling very horny and start to fool around with each other. Kream starts kissing and pulling her friend’s hair and choking her a little bit as her friend starts to finger Kream’s shaved pussy. Then Kream lies back as her friend lick and sucks on her pussy until she is dripping wet then starts to insert one finger at first then two then her whole fist right into Kream’s twat. Kream is so surprised her friend managed to fit her whole hand in there and gave her orgasm after orgasm. Kream returns the favor and fists her back harder and faster making her cum all over Kream’s hand and fist and then shoves it in her mouth so she can lick up her juices.


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June 2nd, 2008

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